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19 August 2011 @ 10:41 am
Arthur/Eames - Lean On Me  

An Arthur/Eames fanmix | 11 songs | Two minds and all the places they have been | a/n: I added the name of either Arthur or Eames to the songs to show from whose point of view the song was. Well, that's my opinion only.

O.A.R. – Shattered [Arthur]
     Give me a break let me make my own pattern 
     All that it takes is some time but I'm shattered
     I always turn the car around

Ladyfinger (ne) – Little Things [Eames]
     when you told me that you need your space
     I got the feeling you were just afraid
     you set me free so I could take my place
     among the little things that you hide

Maximo Park – I Want You to Leave [Arthur]
     You think I want you to leave,
     It’s not that simple to me,
     It all depends on the mood,
     Innocent thoughts are misconstrued

Eskimo Joe – The Sound of Your Heart [Eames]
     And I said to myself
     This must be bad for my health
     Oh my heart it strains when it says your name
     But it's not open to anyone else

Aaron Thomas – Any More [Arthur]
     Well, I'm over it
     I've done all I can, I think I've earned it
     Give me back my pain, I want to burn it
     And how come everybody makes me nervous?

Jack’s Mannequin – The Resolution [Eames]
     Yeah I'm alive
     But I don't need a witness
     To know that I've survived
     I'm not looking for forgiveness

Anberlin – Closer [Arthur] 
     Am I keeping safe distance? 
     Pushing you arms length away?
     Am I keeping safe distance?
     Oh, it's you that feels betrayed.
     Are you there, can someone answer me?
     Come where I can see.

Nelly Furtado – Try [Eames] 
     All of the moments that already passed
     We'll try to go back and make them last
     All of the things we want each other to be
     We never will be
     And that's wonderful, and that's life

Fiona Apple – Pale September [Arthur]
     All my armour
     Falling down
     In a pile at my feet
     And my winter giving
     Way to warm
     As I'm singing him to sleep

Oh Land – Lean [Eames]
     Did you carry me when I was asleep
     Now you're out on the bottomless sea
     So it's time for you to lean on me
     Lean on me

Stateless – Bloodstream [Arthur & Eames]
     The spaces in between
     Two minds and all the places they have been
     The spaces in between
     I tried to put my finger on it
     I tried to put my finger on it


kansouamekansouame on August 19th, 2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
Downloaded. Thanks for sharing - I am always looking for new music and some of this is new for me. I can't wait to listen. ^_^
she just wants to be kissed all the time: arthur and eamesanne_jumps on August 20th, 2011 07:51 pm (UTC)